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SU-155 Group opens national class elevator manufacturing plant outside Moscow 

The SU-155 Group has completed a major investment project with the ground-up construction of a new high-tech manufacturing facility. The Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant, with a capacity that will enable the company to assume a leading position in the sector, was built outside of Moscow. Andrey Vorobyov, the head of the Moscow region, launched the start-up of the first robotized production line. SU-155 Group investment in the project was 3 billion rubles. 

“It is gratifying that it was the Moscow region that was selected for the construction of an enterprise producing reliable, affordable lifts whose quality meets worldwide standards. We always support the opening of new industries and count on mutual support from business, considering it to be a task of the region to replace aging lifts with new ones”, said Moscow suburban district Head Andrey Vorobyov.

SU-155 Chairman of the Board Mikhail Balakin in turn noted that he had no doubts about the success of the company, and was certain that the Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant would provide a positive example of development for machinery manufacturing companies in the region and would become an example for the entire industry. 

The Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant (hereinafter, the SEMP) is the first company of its type built from the ground up in Russia in the last 60 years. The SU-155 Group has committed three billion rubles to the construction and outfitting of the Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant. It was located on a 150,000 square meter plot, with 50,000 square meters assigned to the production area. 

The plant will be producing high quality passenger and freight lifts under the brand name Wellmaks, combining the most successful engineering and construction solutions of Russian specialists and the high quality units and components of European manufacturers. 

The short term prognosis for company productivity is 4,000 lifts annually, and 12,000 lifts a year when reaching full capacity in 2014-2016, which will enable it to provide lifts from the facility outside Moscow for the demands of the entire country and provide a new stimulus for modernization of the Russian elevator industry. Annual income from the plant will be 12 billion rubles when reaching full capacity. 

The demand for lifts in Russia today is about 35,000 a year, while the demand for high quality lifts in the Russian market increases by 16% annually, based on company research data. 

About 37,000 lifts are in use in Moscow region housing today, out of which 17,000 have already outlived their useful life and need to be replaced. The critical level of obsolescence annually is higher than 1,000 lifts. The regional programme for modernization of the elevator industry is designed to stabilize the situation. The regional budget calls for the replacement of 1100 lifts in 2013. Production capacity of the Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant, directed first and foremost to the “domestic” demand of the Moscow region, will permit intensification of the lift replacement programme. 

The first stone of the SEMP was laid in 2008. Preparation, completion and implementation of the new facility was performed by specialists of the Shcherbinsk Elevator Manufacturing Plant and European consultants. The opening of the plant means the creation of about 800 jobs in the Moscow region. The management staff is already undergoing professional training. 

A full cycle production line will be deployed at the SEMP, including robotized bending and welding equipment, laser cutting, two lines for detail painting and other necessary European brand equipment (TRUMPF, Klaeger, GEMA, Cemsa and others). The adoption of the latest European technologies will enable the Russian company to automate their production process to the utmost, and produce modern high quality lifts meeting Russian standards and requirements. 

The SEMP will start working on a testing facility, the likes of which do not exist in Russia or Eastern Europe. A 33 storey tower will enable testing of up to nine lift cabins with varying lifting loads. The maximum speed of a lift is eight meters per second. By way of comparison, the speed of the lifts in the Ostankino Tower is 4 meters per second, and in residential buildings up to 17 storeys tall it is 1 meter per second. 

The completion of the construction of the Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant brought to a close a major stage for the SU-155 industrial complex. About six billion rubles have been directed toward the modernization and development of industrial production within SU-155 Group this year alone. The Group has invested about 27 billion rubles in modernization of Group companies in the last 12 years.