SU-155 Company Group

Ivanovo region

Construction Investment in the Ivanovo Region

The Ivanovo House-Building Company (a member company of the SU-155 Group) is currently engaged in major construction projects in the Ivanovo region – the construction of housing and public buildings in the Moskovsky and Sukhovo-Deryabikhsky residential areas and on Parizhskaya Kommuna, Pochtovaya and Rabfakovskaya Streets in the city of Ivanovo, as well as the construction of housing in Vichuga and Kineshma.

The major current project of the Ivanovo House-Building Company is the Moskovsky residential area, which when finished will consist of 220,000 square meters of housing and over 10,000 residents. The volume of investment in construction of the residential area is four billion rubles. In addition to housing, this investment includes four kindergartens for 600 children, three out-patient clinics (adult, paediatric and urology), a school annex and an underground car park for 600 cars. Also, the construction of the Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Holy Mother of God was completed in 2011.

Commencing in 2012, SU-155 has been involved in the construction of the Rozhdestvensky Housing Complex, consisting of ten panel apartment houses, and simultaneously building the Sukhovo – Deryabikhsky residential area and individual structures on Rabfakovskaya, Parizhkaya Kommuna and Pochtovaya streets.

Construction of an apartment house in the city of Vichuga commenced in 2012, with an overall apartment area of 3,500 square meters. Total investment in the structure is 120 million rubles.

A four section,10 storey apartment house is also being built in Kineshma.

The SU-155 Group is the largest builder in the Ivanovo region. The share of the Ivanovo House-Building Company  in the overall volume of construction in the region is 55%. They plan to build 420,000 square meters of housing by 2015.

Industrial Investment in the Ivanovo Region

The SU-155 Group has several major industrial operations in the Ivanovo region: the Vichuga Machinery Manufacturing Plant and the Ivanovo House-Building Company. All Group companies in the region are being modernized under a general technical refitting programme.

Modernization of one of the lines for the manufacture of reinforced concrete product was completed at the Ivanovo House-Building Company in 2011. Investment in line modernization was 160 million rubles.