SU-155 Company Group

Moscow region

Construction Investment in the Moscow Region 

Moscow and the Moscow region is the primary area of operations for the SU-155 Group. The majority of their projects either have been or are being undertaken there in recent years: the housing complex at Vysokovoltny Driveway, developments in the Fili-Davydkovo, Nagatino-Sadovniki, Zyuzino, Novye Kuzminki and Novye Cheryоmushki districts, and individual apartment houses on Kastanaevskaya Street and in the Chertanovo district.

The Group builders have completed most of their major projects in the Moscow area: residential area No. 22 in Balashikha, the Central (Tsentralny) residential area in Dolgoprudny, construction of the Yuzhnoe Domodedovo residential area, the housing complexes Novaya Tryokhgorka in Odintsovo, the Krasnogorye residential area, the housing complexes Mys Pervyy and Krasnogor’e Deluxe in Krasnogorsk, the Gubernskiy residential area in Chekhov and others.

Construction Investments in Moscow

The Group is returning to construction of large-scale private housing projects in Moscow in 2014. The first complex to be undertaken by SU-155, consisting of 200,000 square meters, will be the mini-city Sky City, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. The plan calls for the construction of four seven-storey buildings, four high-rise housing towers and two multifunctional complexes. Total investment will be about 10 billion rubles.

Construction Investment in Balashikha

The SU-155 Group’s major project in Balashikha is the development in residential areas No. 21 and 22, in the northern part of town. The total housing area will be 373,500 square meters. The public infrastructure of the residential area includes a full array of necessary facilities: the Tsvetik-Semitsvetik kindergarten, secondary school No. 29, the non-state school Zemskaya Gimnaziya, and also shops, clinics, car parks, restaurants and athletic fields.

SU-155 also plans on building residential area No. 25 in Balashikha. The total living space in the residential area is 364,000 square meters, with commercial and public space planned at 14,500 square meters. SU-155 investment in housing construction and infrastructure will be no less than 15 billion rubles.

SU-155 Group is constructing a new municipal medical centre with an emergency room. Construction began in the first quarter of 2014, and completion is planned for the third quarter of 2015. The new medical facility will be able to treat up to 655 adults and children daily.

Construction Investment in Zvenigorod

Construction of a residential area with a total area of 200,000 square meters has begun in Zvenigorod, economy class housing to be built as part of the resettlement programme for residents of damaged buildings. The residential area will have series I-155Mm and I-155Nb panel buildings. In addition, a school for 900 students will be built in the residential area, and it is planned to rebuild and expand the nearest kindergarten. The local hospital is also to be rebuilt.

Construction Investment in Dolgoprudnyy

Large-scale development is currently under way in the Central (Tsentralny) residential area, with an overall residential area of 825,600 square meters. A total of 13 apartment buildings are planned for construction. In accordance with the principles of integrated urban development, the housing complex will encompass not only modern panel housing, but all required infrastructure: a school for 550 children, (investment in the school building is 500 million rubles) and a kindergarten for 120 children (an investment of 129.5 million rubles).

Construction Investment in Domodedovo

The SU-155 Group is building a housing residential area in the city of Domodedovo in the Moscow region. In addition to modern series I-155B and I-155MK panel structures in the community, which will be called Yuzhnoe Domodedovo, kindergartens, schools, athletic fields and other infrastructure facilities will be built. The overall constructed area will be 500,000 square meters. Investment in the construction of  Yuzhnoe Domodedovo Residential area to 2014 will be 10.9 billion rubles. Investment in public buildings will exceed 1 billion rubles.

Construction Investment in Zheleznodorozhny

Contractors are currently constructing a four section, 17 storey apartment house IP-46S in the Ol’gino residential area in the city of Zheleznodorozhny.

Construction Investment in Ivanteyevka

Builders are currently constructing two four section, 12 storey buildings in Ivanteyevka on Dzerzhinskyi Street. Costs for the construction of the buildings are over 550 million rubles.

Construction Investment in Krasnoarmeysk

In August 2013, three months after commencement of construction, the SU-155 Group opened a building for inhabitants of the damaged housing on Morozov Street, where an internal load-bearing wall collapsed in February 2013. 96 flats in the new building were designated for relocation of the victims; local governmental investment was 350 million rubles.

Construction Investment in Krasnogorsk

Group builders are working on two distinctive housing complexes in the Pavshinski Flats Area in Krasnogorsk – Krasnogorye and Mys Pervy. Together they occupy 1,375,900 square meters, with complete infrastructure. Modern series I-155, I-155N, IP-46S, P-3M, I-1723, P-44T and P-44/TM25 buildings are being built in Krasnogorye, as well as non-standard project designs. As part of social infrastructure construction, four pre-school facilities were built and construction of a pedestrian bridge crossing the river at Pavshinsky Flats is planned; SU-155 investment in the construction of the bridge is 200 million rubles.

Most of the housing at Mys Pervy is built to custom design – a unique, prestige and appealing executive class housing complex is being built with all the complementary infrastructure. A new school for 900 students is also being built in the residential area. Also, the housing complex Krasnogorye Deluxe is being built, consisting of town houses.

Construction Investment in Lyubertsy

Group builders have completed seven modern seventeen storey apartment buildings in Lyubertsy in residential area 7/8 – the Krasnaya Gorka housing complex. A kindergarten for 220 children was built as part of the social infrastructure.

Construction Investment in Mytishchi

Group builders are constructing a three section, 17 storey apartment building in Mytishchi in residential area No.24 to a custom design with an underground car park.

Construction Investment in Odintsovo and the Odintsovo district

Extensive construction is currently under way in the Novaya Tryokhgorka residential area, with an area of about 500,000 square meters; the housing complex will provide luxury housing for 16,000 residents. Altogether over 30 residential buildings are planned for the project. Several kindergartens have been built in the residential area, and the number of social infrastructure entities will increase in the near future, with a children’s art school and a children’s development centre.

The SU-155 Group will also be building three waste water and sewage treatment facilities at Shcherbinka in Moscow and Odintsovo outside of the capital. In this way, the company will be making its contribution to the elimination of the problem of the shortfall and deterioration of the water treatment infrastructure in the Moscow region. Contributions to the construction will be not less than 2.6 billion rubles.

As of April 2014, construction is being completed on a large scale project in the Novaya Tryokhgorka residential area, with an area of about 500,000 square meters. The housing complex will comfortably accommodate 16,000 residents. Over 30 apartment buildings are planned for construction overall. Several kindergartens, a school and a 380 square meter clinic have been built in the area, and the social infrastructure will be added to in the near future, with plans for a children’s art school and a children’s development centre.

Construction Investment in the Pavlovo-Posadskiy district

In autumn 2013 SU-155 commenced construction of a building for residents that were victims of the collapse of the building in the village Bolshie Dvory in the Pavlovo-Posadskiy area. The building, which will be built in Pavlovskiy Posad, will have about 200 flats with varying floor space.

An agreement between the SU-155 Group and the administration of Pavlovsky Posad in the Moscow Oblast for the development of urban sites was signed at the end of 2013. Under its terms, SU-155 will tear down 10 dilapidated buildings by 2018, with their inhabitants receiving new housing, and will build the Pervomaysky residential area, with a total area of 138,000 square meters, on the 10.3 hectare plot in the May 1 Street and First May 1 Alley area. Necessary infrastructure will also be built in the area, including a kindergarten. Overall investment is estimated at 4.8 billion rubles.

A building for residents whose housing collapsed in the village of Bolshie Dvory was built in record time in 2013.

Construction Investments in Solnechnogorky district

SU-155 builders commenced construction of the first 17-storey apartment house in the village of Andreyevka in the Solnechnogorsky region in 2014.

Construction of the mini-city Flight City near the village of Elino in the Solnechnogorsky region began in May 2014. The project was developed by the renowned Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill. Altogether, construction is planned for 10 multi-sectional eight storey buildings with necessary social infrastructure and a media complex. The building site occupies 16 hectares. Total investment in the project is about 7 billion rubles.

Construction Investment in Staraya Kupavna

Group builders are constructing two five section 17 storey SPT series buildings on Chekhov and Shevchenko Streets in Staraya Kupavna, outside of Moscow. All necessary infrastructure has been created around the area.

Construction Investment in Khimki and the Khimki district

The Group is involved in two major projects in Khimki and the Khimki district: the construction of apartment buildings in the Podrezkovo residential area and in the village of Planernaya. Altogether they are building or have built seven series IP-46S, IP-46SM and I-1723 buildings. Necessary infrastructure and improvements of the area are being undertaken along with the housing. 

Construction Investment in Chekhov

SU-155 has completed construction of the Gubernskiy residential area in Chekhov. Eight six-section 16 storey buildings were built in all. Infrastructure construction includes a kindergarten for 330 children occupying 3600 square meters (project investment was 75 million rubles) and a school for 550 students.

Construction Investment in Shchyоlkovo

Group builders have erected housing in the Dalniy Voronok residential area. They are modern, luxurious series I-1723, IP-46S and IP-46SM buildings. Altogether six buildings have been or are being built in the residential area. Necessary infrastructure and improvements to the area around the housing were undertaken along with housing.

Construction Investment in Yubileyny

A two section, eight storey apartment building has been built in Yubileyny on Kominternovskaya Street in Yubileyny.

Industrial Investment in the Moscow Region

A number of industrial installations belonging to the SU-155 Group are in operation in the Moscow Region: the Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant LLC (Serpukhov), the Odintsovo Machinery Manufacturing Plant LLC (Odintsovo), Stroyindustriya CJSC (Odintsovo), the Domodedovo Steel Reinforced Concrete Product Plant CJSC (Domodedovo), the Domodedovo Asphalt/Concrete Mixing Plant LLC (Domodedovo), Betiar-22 JSC (Moscow), the Dom Constructing Enterprise LLC (Moscow), Kalibrovsky Plant JSC (Moscow), Shatovo LLC (Shatovo, Serpukhov area), the Belostolbovsky Brick Works JSC (Domodedovo), Torfyanik LLC (Lotoshinskiy district), the Klin Project Design Combine CJSC (Klin), Stromremonthaladka JSC (Odintsovo) and several others.

In 2010, the Dom Constructing Enterprise modernized their painting line. Total investment was 1.2 million euros. The line enables them to paint 15,000 square meters of window units monthly. The line has the latest recovery system: the collection of varnish and paint remnants from surfaces, allowing them to save up to 20% on costly paint and lacquer materials.

Over 4.1 billion rubles were invested in the remodelling of the Domodedovo Steel Reinforced Concrete Product Plant. A new moulding facility and a polystyrene foam production facility were built, and a facility for production of dry building mixtures was launched. The plant also created a new business for the manufacture of stationary forms.

The reinforced concrete factory Betiar-22 was retooled – the plant was completely brought under one roof and new equipment was installed throughout the facility. Over four billion rubles were invested in the remodelling.

The next step in the modernization of the Dom Constructing Enterprise was undertaken in 2011. The company launched production of a line of laminated window headers. Investment was approximately 4.7 million euros; after modernization of the line, production of up to 15,000 window headers per month was ensured. Another new window system production line was later initiated at the plant; overall investment in production is 12.5 million euros. The line enables production of fittings for various types of window systems at the same time.

A new assembly line for the production of hollow core floor slabs has been launched at Stroyindustriya, a steel reinforced concrete manufacturer and member company of the SU-155 Group. Investment in the line was 91.3 million rubles. The line provides production of over 18,000 panels annually. The SU-155 Group plans to complete modernization of the company in 2013-2014, increasing production by 40%. Investment in modernization of the company in 2013 is 180 million rubles; for 2014 it will be 290 million.

At the Stromremontnaladka plant in Odintsovo, an Italian double-headed saw has been installed, and a German window treatment centre has been opened with a monthly capacity of 3,000 square meters of windows. The cost of the equipment and installation is around 11 million rubles.

The Belye Stolby Brick Plant, a member of the SU-155 Group, began production of pavement slabs and kerb stones of various types on their new automated Kompakta-1000 production line. Investment was 30 million rubles.

A new shop for the production of electronic components for pillar and truck-mounted cranes was launched at the Odintsovo Machinery Manufacturing Plant.

The SU-155 Group has invested 42 million rubles in the modernization of Mashindustriya CJSC, which specializes in the production of construction equipment. The methods employed enable the plant to save over 2 million rubles by improving production efficiency.

The Serpukhov Elevator Manufacturing Plant was opened in 2013. Production capacity is as high as 13,000 lifts annually. The investment in construction was 3 billion rubles. 

The Domodedovo Steel Reinforced Concrete Plant began production in April 2014 of concrete floor panels using equipment of the European industrial equipment producer Echo. Rebuilding of the facility, delivery of the equipment and its installation took over half a year. The cost of the equipment in ruble equivalent was about 56.5 million rubles.Remodelling of the DSCP began in May, resulting in a 65% increase in the efficiency of the plant. They will begin semiautomatic production of external and internal wall panelling and flooring with improved consumer characteristics in 2015. Investment in the new equipment will be about 1 billion in ruble equivalent.